City Metal Industries

City Metal Industries
We make it possible!

City Metal Works LLC is one of the most recognisedmanufactures of steel and metal products, truck body, refrigerated bodies, tankers, vehicle customization, Custom build containers & structural fabrication works.
City Metal is specialized in meeting all types of vehicle construction requirements for its clients in an efficient and dedicated manner. Our business is equipped to manufacture with cutting edge technology, latest machinery and skilled manpower to manufacture and customize vehicles and trailers as per customer requirements and specifications.
City Metal takes pride in meeting all customer requirements in a short period of time recognising the fast pace business environment. City Group has a team of highly experienced engineers, mechanics, fabricators and technicians ready to provide to serve in case of any emergency.
City Metal Industries has a structurally built workshop to meet customer requirements in terms of vehicles customization. We design and customize products using the latest 3D solid modelling and with latest technology. Our highly trained fabricators and technicians use laser and plasma cutters to cut all metal for high quality product.

Product range

  • Truck Bodies
  • Vehicle Customization
  • Custom Fabrication Work
Truck Bodies
The structure and body of the vehicle is an important factor in ensuring that it is right for its intended use and preform its assigned task with maximum fuel efficiency. When selecting the body, make sure the body is not higher than it needs to be
  • Refrigerated Bodies
    1. Freezer Shelter
    2. Chillier Shelter
    3. Air-conditioning sandwich panels
    4. Insulated Shelter
  • Recovery bodies with hydraulic system
    1. Recovery
    2. Pull down Recover
  • Fuel Tankers
  • Dry Shelter bodies
  • Water & Beverage bottle carries
  • Cargo Bodies
  • Water Tank
  • Flat bed Bodies
Vehicle Customization
City Metal specializes in vehicle customisation catering to all makes and model of vehicles. We take pride in offering quality craftsmanship, unique design features, and innovative construction techniques. City Metal offers customisation as per custom requirement.
  • Mobile offices
  • Mobile Banks
  • Mobile ATM Trucks
  • Mobile Workshop
  • Security Vehicles
Custom Fabrication Work
City Metal handles all kind of steel fabrication work in order to meet client needs and specification.
  • Steel Frames
  • Support steel structures
  • Staircases